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Обратный отсчет


We do not provide a fee waiver.

We do not accept:

1. Amateur videos, promo videos; 

2. Films with a poor production quality: bad sound, bad montage, lack of subtitles for non-English films, video resolution less than 1080p Full HD; 

3. Extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organizations, as well as pornographic films

For all Categories:

1. Attending this competition implies acceptance of its rules and its decision, which is final, and the waiver of any claims; 

2. Submissions are accepted through FilmFreeway;

3. Submission fee's are nonrefundable; 

4. The organization of the Cannes 7th Art Awards (Cannes International Independent Film Festival) accepts no legal responsibility for the films in competition and its contents; 

5. Submitting your film does not guarantee festival acceptance or screening. Acceptance into the  competition does not guarantee award or prize.

6. All films must be presented in their original language with English subtitle. However, once a film will accepted for the screening, it must abide to the following rules to accommodate our viewing public: 

Films in English must contain French subtitles. 

Films in French must contain English subtitles. 

Films containing a third language  must contain subtitles in both French and English; 

7. The film selected for the competition must be sent via file hosting for in format ( MP4, .MOV), 24 or 25 frames, Codec H.264, Stereo 48kHz;

8. We accept all films in any genre;

9.Premiere status is not required. . 

10. Submission of several films is permitted. Each submission requires an entry fee.

11. All films must have been completed after 1 January 2018.

12. All filmmakers accept that  if their film is selected for competition, they grant permission for the Cannes International Independent Film Festival to screen the film, as well as part of the film (a few seconds) for the festival's promotional trailer. 

13. To participate in the Cannes International Independent Film Festival, submitted films must comply with current legislation regarding copyright and the right to privacy of individuals. Therefore, participants guarantee that the films submitted to the festival do not violate current legislation regarding exploitation rights, rights to honour, privacy or image or intellectual property rights and / or industrial and / or any other third party rights. 

14. The submitters confirm that they have the right to publicly display the film, including images, music, texts, art and all that is in the copyright law

15. In case of force majeure circumstances, changes to the dates of the festival are provided.

16. Festival reserves the right to change our programming and event parties without notice.

17. Selected films will be screened at the Espace Miramar.

RULES & TERMES: Приветствие
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